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Student seminars

Student seminars

Two graduate studens or one postdoctoral fellow present their most recent results each third Tuesday of each month, from 4PM to 5PM. The duration of each presentation is 20 minutes for students and 50 minutes for posdocs. A period of 10 minutes is allocated for questions at the end of each presentation. These presentations are open to everybody, whether they are membres of the GRSNC or not. Refreshments (sofdrinks and beer and chpis are offered. The presenations are in room 1120 of the Paul-G.-Desmarais building.

Next presentations:


16 octobre 2018

Boris Touvykine (Dancause lab)

Samuel Burke Nanni (Trudeau lab)


20 novembre 2018

Ayuno Nakahashi (Cisek lab)

Tyler Peel (Cisek lab)


18 décembre 2018

Christophe Martin (Green lab)


15 janvier 2019

Yannick Mullie (Drew lab)

Julien Milosz (Kalaska lab)


19 février 2019

Andrew Brown (Martinez lab)


19 mars 2019

Willemieke Kouwenhoven (Trudeau lab)


16 avril 2019

Charles Ducrot (Trudeau lab)

Daniele Wolf (Carmant lab)


21 mai 2019

Frederic Provost (Robitaille lab)

Hadjara Sidibé (Vande Velde lab)



Looking forward to seeing you there!

Andrea Green

Associate research professor

Department of neurosciences

Phone: (514) 343-6111, ext 3301 (office)