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About us

General description of research themes

The GRSNC is organized in two research axes and three research themes that reflect its composition and recent growth as well as collaborations within and between its axes.

Axis 1) Neurotransmission and synaptic plasticity.

This axis is represented by scientists from many departments including Araya, Boehm, Lacaille, Robitaille (Neurosciences), Desgroseillers (Biochemistry), Girouard, Samaha, Talbot and Trudeau (Pharmacology and physiology, Lévesque (Faculté de Pharmacie). Interactions between members allow the optimization of technical platforms in molecular biology, cellular imaging and confocal microscopy.

Axis 2) Sensori-motor integration and behavior.

This axis is also represented by members of multiple departments and faculties, including Amzica, Cisek, Dancause, Drew, Dubuc, Gossard, Green, Kalaska, Kolta et Martinez, that have their lab in the Paul-G.-Desmarais building. The localisation of all these labs in the same building facilitates collaborations. Research in the Lavigne lab is also linked to this axis.

Three cross-axis themes highlight the interactions among members of the two axes:

  1. Cellular and molecular approaches.
  2. Systems neuroscience.
  3. Pathophysiology.