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Weekly seminars

Weekly scientific seminars

Dendritic spines in a pyramidal neuron from the visual cortex of mouse (image provided by Dr. Roberto Araya)

Dendritic spines in a pyramidal neuron from the visual cortex of mouse (image provided by Dr. Roberto Araya)

Members of the GRSNC organize each year a large variety of scientific seminars in collaboration with the departments, faculties and schools to which it’s members are affiliated. Many of these seminars are organized together with the department of neurosciences of the faculty of medicine (on Fridays, at noon, in room 1120 of the Paul-G.-Desmarais pavillion). Others are organized with the department of pharmacology and physiology (on Thursdays, at 9AM, in room N-425-3 of the Roger-Gaudry building), the faculty of pharmacy or the faculty of dentistry. The list below includes seminars in these different milieus, and also some others, organized at other places on the campus of the Université de Montréal, notably at the School of Optometry (on Mondays at 12:15, 3744 Jean-Brillant, auditorium 104) .

Seminars for the 2019-2020 academic year:

(***seminars funded by the GRSNC are indicated by three stars)


September 12 2019: Dr Valerio Chiurchiù, University of Rome: Specialized pro-resolving mediators as novel pathophysiological leads for neurodegenerative diseases: towards the resolution of neuroinflammation (room N-425-3)

September 19 2019: Dr Philippe Monnier, University of Toronto: The RGMa/Neogenin pathway is involved in multiple CNS conditions (room N-425-3)

***September 20 2019: Dr Arjun Krishnaswamy, McGill University: The assembly and function of motion selective retinal circuits. (room 1120)

September 26 2019: Dr Mathieu Vanni, École d’optométrie, Université de Montréal: Cartographie fonctionnelle du cortex grâce aux fluctuations spontanées du calcium intracellulaire ((room N-425-3)


***October 4 2019: Dr Joshua Gold, University of Pennsylvania: TBA ((room 1120)

Octobre 7 2019: Dr Martin Rolfs, Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin: The fate and function of vision during saccades (3744 Jean-Brillant)

October 28: Dr Mike Sapieha, Université de Montréal: Vascular remodeling in retinopathies (3744 Jean-Brillant))


***November 1 2019: Dr Jack Martin, City College of New York: TBA ((room 1120)

November 7 2019: Dre Nicole Gervais, University of Toronto: Régulation de l’estradiol dans le sommeil et la mémoire chez les femelles (salle N-425-4)

November 11: Dr Anat Galor, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute: Neuropathic pain: A missing piece of the dry eye puzzle (3744 Jean-Brillant))

***November 15 2019: Dr Aaron Batista, University of Pittsburgh: TBA (room 1120)

Novermber 18: Dr Thomas Langmann, University of Cologne: In vivo imaging of immune cell activation in models of retinal degenerative diseases (3744 Jean-Brillant)

Novermber 21 2019: Dr Kalle Gehring, McGill University: Control of protein function by phosphorylation (room N-425-4)

***November 22 2019: Dr Steve Lomber, Western University: TBA (room 1120)


***December 6 2019: Dr Martin Paré, Queen’s University: TBA (room 1120)

December 12 2019: Dre Natalia Salmaso, Université d’Ottawa: TBA (room N-425-4))


***January 17 2020: Dr Karim Fouad, University of Calgary: TBA (room 1120)

***January 31 2020: Dr B Richard, McGill University: TBA ((room 1120)


***February 7 2020: Dr Martin Parent, Université Laval: TBA (room 1120)

***February 28 2020: Dr Gunnar Blohm, Queens University: TBA (room1120)


***March 20 2020: Dr. Y Lin, MIT: TBA (room 1120)


***April 3 2020: Dr. Peter Rudebeck, Mount Sinai: TBA (room 1120)

***April 172020: Dr. A. Vaziri, Rockerfeller: TBA (room 1120)

***April 24 2020: Dr. Carlos Portera, UCLA: TBA (room 1120)