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Weekly seminars

Weekly scientific seminars

Dendritic spines in a pyramidal neuron from the visual cortex of mouse (image provided by Dr. Roberto Araya)

Dendritic spines in a pyramidal neuron from the visual cortex of mouse (image provided by Dr. Roberto Araya)

Members of the GRSNC organize each year a large variety of scientific seminars in collaboration with the departments, faculties and schools to which it’s members are affiliated. Many of these seminars are organized together with the department of neurosciences of the faculty of medicine (on Fridays, at noon, in room 1120 of the Paul-G.-Desmarais pavillion). Others are organized with the department of pharmacology and physiology (on Thursdays, at 9AM, in room N-425-3 of the Roger-Gaudry building), the faculty od pharmacy or the faculty of dentistry. The list below includes seminars in these different milieus, and also some others, organized at other places on the campus of the Université de Montréal, notably at the School of Optometry (on Mondays at 12:15, 3744 Jean-Brillant, auditorium 104) and at the department of psychology (on Fridays at 15:00, room D 427, Pavillon Marie-Victorin). Please note that other seminars in the neurosciences are also organized at the research centers of the Sainte-Justine, CHUM and Sacré-Coeur hospitals.

Seminars for the 2018-2019 academic year:

(***seminars funded by the GRSNC are indicated by three stars)


***September 14 2018: Dr. Dale Corbett, University of Ottawa: Rethinking Approaches to Stroke Recovery (room 1120)

September 20 2018: Dr. Salah El Mestikawy, McGill University: Regulation of the dorsal striatum network by cholinergic interneurons: consequences on eating disorders (room N-425-3)

September 27 2018: Dre. Caroline Ménard, Université Laval: Neurobiologie du stress, de la dépression et de la résilience (room N-425-3)

***September 28 2018: Dr. Jason Shepherd, Yale University: Viral-like mechanisms of intercellular RNA trafficking in the nervous system (room 1120)


October 5 2018: Dr. Louis Lefevbre, McGill University: Transmission non-génétique de nouveaux comportements chez les animaux. (Pavillon Marie-Victorin)

October 12 2018: Dre. Linda Booij, Centre de recherche CHU Ste-Justine: Système sérotoninergique et troubles psychiatriques. (Pavillon Marie-Victorin)

***October 12 2018: Dr. Melanie Woodin, University of Toronto: Inhibitory Synaptic Transmission in Heath and Disease (room 1120)

October 18 2018: Dre. Sumiko Mochida, Tokyo Medical University: Action potential induced Ca2+ dynamics activate multiple protein cascades for synaptic vesicle control (room N-425-3)

October 19 2018: Dre. Guylaine Ferland, Université de Montréal: Alimentation et vieillissement (Pavillon Marie-Victorin)

***October 19 2018: Dr. David Stellwagen, McGill University: TNF-mediated synaptic change and impact on behaviour (room 1120)


November 9 2018: Dr. Stuart Fogel, University of Ottawa: Sleep and memory consolidation (Pavillon Marie-Victorin)

November 15 2018: Dre. Brigitte Kieffer, McGill University: (room N-425-3)

November 16 2018: Dr. Carol Hudon, Université Laval: Méditation pleine conscience et trouble cognitif léger (Pavillon Marie-Victorin)

***November 16 2018: Dr. Graham Collingridge, University of Toronto: Synaptic Plasticity in Health and Disease (room 1120)

November 22 2018: Dre. Claudine Gauthier, Concordia University: Quantitative imaging of cerebral vascular and metabolic health: applications and caveats. (room N-425-3)

November 23 2018: Dr. Mark EllenBoggen, Concordia University: Hormonal response to stressful life events and their impact on self-regulation mechanisms. (Pavillon Marie-Victorin)

November 29 2018: Dr. Manu Rangachari, Université Laval: Male sex, type 17 responses and CD8 T cells as factors that aggravate secondary progressive CNS autoimmunity. (room N-425-3)

November 30 2018: Dr Richard Tyler, University of Iowa: Brain and Tinnitus (Pavillon Marie-Victorin)

***November 30 2018: Dr. Pascal Kaeser, Harvard University: Architecture and function of release sites for fast neurotransmitters and neuromodulators (room 1120):


December 6 2018: Dr. Janelle Drouin-Ouellet, Faculty of pharmacy, Université de Montréal: Modélisation des formes idiopathiques du Parkinson: nouvelle approche par reprogrammation neuronale directe. (room N-425-3)

December 7 2018: Dr. Marc Pell, Mcgill University: The effects of the human voice during pragmatic language processing and in social cognition (Pavillon Marie-Victorin)

December 14 2018: Dr. Stéphane Richard-Devantoy, McGill University: Neurobiological markers of depression and suicidal ideas in elderly people (Pavillon Marie-Victorin)

***December 14 2018: Dr. Marc Shieber, University of Rocherster: (room 1120)


***January 11 2019: Dr. Charles Bourque, McGill University: (room 1120)

January 17 2019: Dre. Isabelle Aubert, University of Toronto: Modulating neural plasticity and blood-brain barrier permeability with MRI-guided focused ultrasound: From preclinical research to clinical trials for Alzheimer’s disease (room N-425-3)

***January 25 2019: Dr. James Di Carlo, MIT: Reverse Engineering Visual Intelligence (room 1120)


February first 2019: Dr. Nathalie Castellano Ryan, Université de Montréal: Facteurs biologique de la toxicomanie et fonctions cognitives associées (Pavillon Marie-Victorin)

***February first 2019: Dr. Aparna Suvrathan, McGill University: Heterogeneity of plasticity rules in the cerebellum (room 1120)

***February 8 2019: Dr. Christopher Pack, McGill University: Cortical plasticity in perceptual decision-making (room 1120)

February 11 2019: Dr. Amir Amedi, The Hebrew University: How experience shapes the humain brain. (école d’optométrie)

February 15 2019: Dr. Marc Lavoie, Université de Montréal: Électrophysiologie du syndrome de Gilles de la Tourette (Pavillon Marie-Victorin)

February 21 2019: Dr. Nader Ghasemlou, Queen’s University: The neuroimmunology of pain: vignettes from the spinal cord and the skin (room N-425-3)


March first 2019: Dr. Jeffrey Caron, Université de Montréal: Commotions cérébrales dans le milieu sportif professionnel (Pavillon Marie-Victorin)

March 11 2019: Dr. Lou Beaulieu-Laroche, MIT: Biophysical mechanisms of dendritic integration in human cortical neurons. (Amphi 125, CHU Sainte-Justine)

***March 15 2019: Dr. Reza Sharif Naeini, McGill University: Mechanosensitive ion channels and mechanical pain (room 1120)

***March 22 2019: Dr. Leah Krubitzer, University of California, Davis: Cortical plasticity within and across lifetimes. (room 1120)


***April 5 2019: Dr. Gordon Campbell Teskey, Hotchkiss Brain Institute: Seizures cause stokes: phenomenon, mechanism, treatment and implications.: (room 1120)

April 12 2019: Dr. Karun K Singh, McMaster University, Using integrative proteomics to identify neurodevelopmental disorder signaling networks in mammalian models (Amphi 125, CHU Sainte-Justine)

April 12 2019: Dr. Valery Matarazzo, Université de Marseille: Endocrinologie du syndrome de Prader-Willi (Pavillon Marie-Victorin)