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Regular members of the GRSNC

AMZICA, Florin                      Email           Website            Phone #: (514) 343-6111, ext 3337


ARAYA, Roberto                    Email           Website            Phone #: (514) 343-7815


BENGIO, Yoshua                   Email           Website            Phone #: (514) 343-6804

Founded by Professor Yoshua Bengio, Mila rallies researchers specializing in the field of deep learning. Recognized globally for its significant contributions to the field of deep learning, Mila has distinguished itself in the areas of language modelling, machine translation, object recognition and generative models.

BLANCHET, Pierre J.            Email           Website            Phone #: (514) 890-8123       (514) 343-7126

BLUNK, Rikard Email           Website            Phone: (514) 343-7960

Dr. Blunck's laboratory investigates structure-function relations of voltage-gated ion channels and their role in memory and learning using fluorescence spectroscopy that visualizes protein movement.

BOEHM, Jannic                    Email           Website            Phone #: (514) 343-6370

CHAPMAN, Elaine               Email           Website            Phone #: (514) 343-2304

CISEK, Paul                          Email           Website            Phone #: (514) 343-6111, ext 4355

Dr. Cisek’s lab studies how the brain makes decisions between different actions as we interact with our world.

COHEN-ADAD, Julien          Email           Website            Phone #: (514) 340-4711, ext 2264

The NeuroPoly lab is developing new technologies in quantitative MRI applied to neuroscience (functional MRI, microstructure MRI, etc.)

DANCAUSE, Numa               Email           Website            Phone #: (514) 343-6317

In our laboratory we are interested how the primary and premotor cortices control movements and how they interact with each other. We also study their reorganization following stroke. Finally, we develop methods to manipulate or shape the plasticity in order to maximize the recovery.

D’AVANZO, Nazzareno Email           Website            Phone: (514) 343-5634

The D’Avanzo lab is examining the regulation of neuronal HCN channels by membrane lipids, cannabinoids, and other proteins.

DESGROSEILLERS, Luc        Email           Website            Phone #: (514) 343-5802


DREW, Trevor                        Email           Website            Phone #: (514) 343-7061

DROUIN-OUELLET, Janelle Email           Website            Phone: (514) 343-6111, ext 2781

The Drouin-Ouellet lab generates brain cells from skin cells of Parkinson’s Disease patients to understand the underlying mechanisms of the disease and develop new therapies.

DUBUC, Réjean                     Email           Website             Phone #: (514) 987-3000, ext 3715      (514) 343-5729

 Our research is aimed at shedding light on the neural mechanisms responsible for controlling rhythmic motor activities such as locomotion and respiration.

GIROUARD, Hélène              Email           Website            Phone #: (514) 343-6111, ext 32786

Dr. Girouard's team is interested in the mechanisms regulating cerebral blood flow in health or models of cardiovascular and / or neurodegenerative pathologies such as Alzheimer's disease.

GOSSARD, Jean-Pierre        Email           Website            Phone #: (514) 343-5879


GREEN, Andrea                    Email           Website            Phone #: (514) 343-6111, ext 3301

 Dr. Green's lab investigates how multisensory signals are integrated to create estimates of our motion and orientation in space and how we use these estimates to plan and execute motor actions in different behavioural contexts.

KALASKA, John                    Email           Website            Phone #: (514) 343-6349


KOLTA, Arlette                      Email           Website            Phone #: (514) 343-7112

The laboratory of Arlette Kolta aims at defining the contribution of astrocytes to neuronal computations performed by cortical (in relation to vision) and brainstem sensorimotor (in relation to pain and to rhythmic movements) circuits.

LACAILLE, Jean-Claude       Email           Website            Phone #: (514) 343-5794


LAVIGNE, Gilles J.               Email           Website            Phone #: (514) 343-2310

LEGAULT, Pascale Email           Website            Phone: (514) 343-7326

The Legault laboratory investigates the structure-fonction relationship of RNA and RNA-protein interactions. As part of her research project on microRNA maturation, she aims to better understand the mechanisms that regulate the levels of specific microRNAs associated with Parkinson's disease.

LÉVESQUE, Daniel              Email           Website            Phone #: (514) 343-6339


MARTINEZ, Marina              Email           Website            Phone #: (514) 343-6111, ext 4359

The Martinez lab investigates the neural mechanisms of motor recovery in animal models of spinal cord injury. We also develop rehabilitation strategies, including neuroprostheses for locomotor control.

MASSON, Jean-François Email           Website            Phone: (514) 343-7342 

PROVOST, Jean Email           Website            Phone (514) 340-4711, ext 4186

RAINVILLE, Pierre               Email           Website            Phone #: (514) 340-2800, ext 4145


ROBITAILLE, Richard          Email           Website            Phone #: (514) 343-6111, ext 1946

The main interest of Dr. Robitaille’s laboratory is to study the roles of glial cells in the regulation of normal synaptic functions and neuronal network and in a disease context such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

ROMPRÉ, Pierre-Paul Email Website Tel: (514) 343-6111, ext 35351

ROSSIGNOL, Serge            Email           Website            Phone: (514) 343-6371


SAMAHA, Anne-Noël          Email           Website            Phone #: (514) 343-6111, ext 32788

Dr. Anne-Noël Samaha’s laboratory studies drug addiction, motivation and the pursuit of rewards.

TALBOT, Sébastien  Email           Website            Phone: (514) 343-6111, ext 32787 

TRUDEAU, Louis-Éric           Email           Website            Phone #: (514) 343-5692

The Trudeau lab is interested in the functioning of dopamine neurons in the brain, and in particular in their connectivity and their dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease